Awards & Scholarships


A.    ORCS  Subject-Area Awards

  • Each award includes a $250 cheque.
  • The award is given to the student with the highest academic standing for each area of study. The student’s average must be over 80%.
  • The academic standing is calculated from the student’s highest marks in eligible grade 11 and 12 courses within a discipline. At least one course must be from each grade level. Courses completed at ORCS take precedence.
  • Courses must be C, M, or U level.
  1. ORCS Mathematics Award
  2. ORCS Science Award
  3. ORCS Arts and Humanities Award
  4. ORCS English Studies Award
  5. ORCS Canadian and World Studies Award
  6. ORCS Business and Tech Studies Award

B.    ORCS Global Awards

  • $500 cheque
  • Consideration of all four years of students’ high school experience (with the exception of the Scholastic award)
  1. ORCS Religious Studies Award – Highest average above 80% for all four Bible courses.
  2. ORCS Scholastic Award – Highest average of all Grade 12 courses – minimum of six grade 12 credits (C, M, or U courses).
  3. ORCS Citizenship Award – Exemplary positive contribution to the school through participation, involvement, attitude and volunteer work. This award is determined by the secondary teachers. (Exceptions may be made for students who transfer into the ORCS high-school program).
  4. ORCS Diligence Award – Excellent scholastic effort for the student who shows interest, aptitude, and effort, but does not achieve an academic award. This award is determined by the secondary teachers.

C.    Other ORCS Awards

  • $100 cheque with award
  1. ORCS Sportsmanship Award – Exemplary, positive coaching and leadership, athletic skills, participation at tournaments and in intramurals.
  2. ORCS Fine/Performing Arts Award – Exceptional talent in the fine/performing arts.

D.    Other Awards
1.  Ontario Scholar: Achievement of an 80% average in six grade 12 credits.

  • Courses must be College, University/College, or University courses recognized under OSS.
  • Awarded in the year of completion of OSSD, or in the year after completion of OSSD.

2.  Governor General’s Award:  Achievement of the highest average of all grade 11 & 12  courses.

  • Awarded in the year of completion of OSSD, or in the year after completion of OSSD.

E.    Miscellaneous Awards
1.  Freshman Award

  • Awarded to one grade 9 student who adjusts well to the secondary school routines and expectations, contributes well both in and out of the classroom, and shows great leadership potential

2. Wiggers Family Scholarship

  • Any graduating grade 12 student who will be pursuing post-secondary studies is eligible to apply for this $500 award. An application form, including an essay topic, is available from the office. All applications are reviewed and one student is selected.