Our Campus

In January, 2012, Oxford Reformed Christian School staff and students moved into their new facilities in Mt. Elgin. The new building is spacious, bright, and provides an excellent working environment. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 are located in the South wing. The Kindergarten classroom is equipped with its own entrance to the playground and designated washroom facilities.

Located in the North wing are the Grade 4-6 classrooms, the Remedial Room, the staff room and the main office. In the East wing are the majority of the High School classrooms, including the Science and 2 Computer labs.  The students enjoy a tuck shop and a study hall in this wing. Grade 7 and 8 are also at the end of the East wing, giving them a sense of what it will be like in the high school years ahead.

We are especially thankful for the Gymnasium; this facility is well-used by the students each day and is also available for community events.  The fully-equipped kitchen is used frequently as well.  See the link to “news & events” on the home page.