Christian teaching is centered around Christian content and communicating that content in a Christian manner. Teachers at Oxford Reformed Christian School:

  • are committed to teaching with expertise and passion.
  • display the discernment and hope that Christians have.
  • strive to be good examples for the students in all facets of Christian life.
  • manage their classrooms through a focus on respect and responsibility.
  • use the strengths in their teaching style and keep the needs of the students in the foreground.
  • teach material specific to the developmental level of their students.
  • celebrate individual strengths.
  • engage their students through the use of effective questioning techniques and connections to students’ lives.
  • present each subject as part of a coherent, whole creation.
  • move beyond memorization to a synthesis of knowledge, skills, and values that merge in a life of discipleship.
  • use textbooks that assist in presenting truth in the best possible manner.

Oxford Reformed Christian School is blessed with a qualified and dedicated staff that takes the instruction of students seriously.

Together, they provide over 150 years of experience.



Mr. William VanBrugge   principal@orcschool.ca



Mrs. Joanne Kok and Mrs. Danielle Schmidt   secretary@orcschool.ca


Elementary Teachers

Kindergarten:  Mrs. Connie Otten   cotten@orcschool.ca

Grade 1:  Mrs. Cherie Averink   caverink@orcschool.ca

Grade 2: Ms. Allison Scheele   ascheele@orcschool.ca

Grade 3: Mrs. Henny VanEsch   hvan_esch@orcschool.ca

Grade 4: Mr. Kevin Koppert   kkoppert@orcschool.ca

Grade 5:  Ms. Lisa Schuit   lschuit@orcschool.ca

Grade 6:  Mr. Peter Koppert   pkoppert@orcschool.ca

Grade 7:  Mrs. Margo Koster   mkoster@orcschool.ca

Grade 8:  Mr. Nathan Pol   npol@orcschool.ca


Secondary Teachers

Mr. John Byl (Coordinator/Guidance)   jbyl@orcschool.ca

Mrs. Lisa Bishop   lbishop@orcschool.ca

Mr. James Esseltine   jesseltine@orcschool.ca

Mr. Wouter Koster   wkoster@orcschool.ca

Mrs. Janine Otten   jotten@orcschool.ca

Mr. Johann VanIttersum   jvan_ittersum@orcschool.ca

Mr. William VanBrugge principal@orcschool.ca

Mr. Jake VanMeppelen-Scheppink (Curriculum Coordinator)   jvanms@orcschool.ca


Part Time Staff

Mrs. Andrea Monster   amonster@orcschool.ca

Mrs. Ronella Van Ittersum   rvan_ittersum@orcschool.ca


Special Education Staff

Mrs. Ans Averink   aaverink@orcschool.ca

Ms. Ashley Bouwheer   abouwheer@orcschool.ca

Mrs. Joanna DeJong   jdejong@orcschool.ca

Mrs. Julie Horlings  jhorlings@orcschool.ca

Mrs. Metta Klyn   mklyn@orcschool.ca

Ms. Jannet Koonstra  jkoonstra@orcschool.ca

Mrs. Paula Roth   proth@orcschool.ca

Ms. Michelle VanVliet   mivanvliet@orcschool.ca



Mrs. Amanda Mynders   library@orcschool.ca