The curriculum of Oxford Reformed Christian School reflects the priorities of the Reformed Christian community as well as the priorities of the staff. It seeks to develop students’ love for God and love for their neighbor, a delight in creation, a passion for learning, and a lifestyle that reflects those priorities. God impacts every dimension of the world, and students recognize His impact through interaction with the curriculum. Since all aspects of creation are worthy of study, ORCS desires a balanced program of academic disciplines.

The following statements are key to this emphasis and the development of a Christian worldview:

1. Biblical Studies are presented as the foundation for life and, in combination with Church History, uncover the history of Salvation as His Story.

2. Science investigates creation’s structure and complexity, God’s creature’s diversity, construction, and function, and the interaction between creation and its creatures.

3. Mathematics teaches students the order, complexity and steadfastness of creation’s physical and spatial realm.

4. Social Studies focuses on human’s interactions with each other and God’s intentions for humanity.

5. Language Arts explores human interaction through written and verbal communication, and how this communication can be edifying.

6. Historical studies examine culture’s observation and/or disregard for God’s Will, and the impact of these decisions on civilizations.

7. The Arts provide opportunity for students to learn appreciation for and respond to beauty and design found in creation.

8. Physical Education allows students to gain an appreciation for kinetic activity and an understanding for bodily health.


Every year, the odd grades participate in standardized testing (Canadian Achievement Tests – 3). Test results are shared with the parents upon request.

Extra Curricular

Elementary class trips are arranged by teachers throughout the year, including a year-end class trip. The Grade 8 students participate in a soccer tournament each year.